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ecosos: Amazing!

Good morning beautiful Souls over there in Galisteo,

Sharing with you how yesterday during my morning sharing with the earth, a giving thanks for Creation and all the beings of light who assist us

Yes there certainly is much to thank ??

I looked up and there was a huge jet with huge contrail

And I begin to consciously send a beautiful blue light up there waving my hands right above me and within 60 seconds it started to disperse exactly where my hands were waving.

Of course then I got terrifically excited and sent more and more blue up to the sky and began waving my hands and jumping up and down and singing and well I want to say thank you over and over for all you've gifted me and given to me, what a blessing!!

Much love, Oonagh (elisa)

Monday, 13 November 2017
ecosos: my deaf old dog


I was a puzzled about what exactly conscious focus was until I read that we could write about any small experience with this. And then I remembered that I have been practising this on my deaf old dog when she is outside and doing her thing and I want her to come to me. Then I just stand and try to focus all my attention on her. In the beginning I was disturbed by thoughts and doubts and other things but lately I can get her attention almost at once. What I want to say is thank you for talking about small things that one practises for now I know what it feels like and I can better do the attention exercises that you recommend. Thank you Chris.

Love Tsering Lhamo

Friday, 12 August 2016
Alberto Calvet: Emotions and Ecology

Dear friends - participating with Chris in this great challenge for our beloved Earth keeps bringing and bringing me the unfolding awareness of how powerful we are. Ecology is a reflection of our psyche, we see "there" how we are "in here". If we are going to hit the road of planetary transformation we have to make room for the new disolving all our emotional frames of reference with the compassionate guidance of Chris' technologies of consciousness. The moment is now, the signs are everywhere, we are here to do this! Let us invite all to tap our Soul's vision and surf the ecstatic waves of planetary awakening. Divine bravery, courage and daring are lovingly opening the way for all. I am so glad to be here! Much love, Alberto Calvet.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016
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