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 It is very heartening to see that you care deeply about what is happening to our climate and that you are willing make it a priority in your lives.
Please reach out to everyone you know to join us in this most crucial endeavor.

People from every walk of life, every philosophical perspective, can become aware that they have a stake in what happens to us all and our beloved planet. We do not have to agree about what is true in life, or even actually believe that our thoughts can change things, to activate this Global Initiative. We only have to practice the technologies of consciousness and see the results--however, the more people who participate, the more powerful it will be, so spread the word to everyone around you.

2016/04/13: Global Initiative

2016/04/30: Message from Chris Griscom/GI/EcoSOS

2016/05/23: Global Warming & Conscious Solutions info2016/05/23: Global Warming & Conscious Solutions info

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2017/01/01: Global Initiative Phase 2 Activation

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2017/03/02: Chris Griscom Global Initiative Message

2017/04/04: Chris Griscom Message

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2018/05/05: In case you’re wondering if you’re making a difference

2019/07/11 Global Rainforest Heritage

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