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Blue Sky Challenge

Global Blue Sky Challenge

Dear Global Initiative Friends,

Imagine that you could dissolve away the grey clouds, the smog and the toxic air in the sky around you!  Like magic, the sky would turn a beautiful blue and you would feel the amazing feeling of being a part of something so much bigger than your own life.  This is possible through the power of conscious focus.  Imagine if you were doing it knowing that millions of others all over the world were doing it too and that each day you could see a wondrous change in the sky: A sky that surrounds and encompasses all life on our Earth.

We would like to invite you to the

Global Blue Sky Challenge 
This is an opportunity to prove to ourselves that conscious intention can truly alter and heal the world around us.

Everywhere today we see polluted skies that block the sun's rays and rain down upon us a host of toxic elements dumped into the sky by chemtrails and other man-made toxins--causing smog and depleting our atmosphere of its natural oxygen levels.  Humanity, working together, can change this!

The Global Blue Sky Challenge is now an ongoing Conscious Solutions initiative to visibly clear the sky and return it to its natural blue color--through the power of human conscious intention and thought.
What does a blue sky mean? 
A blue sky indicates that the rays of the sun are being scattered as they come into our atmosphere without the interference or blockage of excess CO2, smog, chemtrail debris, or unnatural particles in the air.

What will happen when the sky is blue? 
We will experience a sense of well-being and an uplifting of spirit.

How does conscious focus change the color of the sky? 
Quantum physics teaches us: The observed is changed by the observer.  We become the observers when we look at our sky with either our outer or inner vision.  Science also confirms that energy changes form and can become manifest or dissolved from matter back into simple energy.  When we dissolve pollutants in the sky with our minds, its natural blue color will return.

Who can meet the challenge? 
All the people of the world
Every Child. All Schools--world-wide. All Parents. Clubs.
Church Groups. Educators. Businesses. Corporations. Filmmakers. Artists. Photographers. TV Channels. News Stations. Reporters. Social Media. Governments. Military. Philanthropists. Entrepreneurs. Seniors. Prisoners. Police. Healers. Hospitals. Airports. Environmentalists. Inspirational Speakers. Homeless. Immigrants. Refugees. Doctors. Universities. Trade Schools. Sales People. Cities. Villages. Indigenous People. Nations. Mediation Groups. Yoga Schools. Scientists. Retreat Centers. Merchants. Fitness Groups. Social Clubs. Sports Teams. Athletes.

With your help, Global Blue Sky Challenge will be translated into many languages, many nations--and citizens around the world will join in the fun and magic of discovering that human intention and consciousness can change what needs to be changed, and protect our beautiful planet for generations into the future.

How To Make The Sky Blue 
We can use our conscious focus and the power of imagination to actually change matter.  It has been done for thousands of years.  We actually do it everyday without knowing it!  We think of someone and they call, we wish for something and it happens, etc.  --This is the power of the Mind, of Imagination!

Do these "Exercises in Consciousness" and you will see the results.  Simply hold in your mind's eye a beautiful blue sky.  There are many creative ways you can make this visualization more powerful and any way that comes to you to do it will work.  Here are several ideas you might utilize:

1.  Imagine you are gathering all of the pollutants in the atmosphere into a ball and then laser that ball into the cosmic void.  After you have de-manifested it, imagine the sky turning a beautiful blue.
2.  Look up into the sky and find a point of blue.  Focus on that blue and imagine that it spreads out over the horizon.  Imagine it spreading out as if it were dissolving all the smog and grey cloud cover as it travels outward.
3.  Focus your attention on smog.  Imagine that you are erasing it with your mind.  Find any point of blue sky and allow it to take up the entire sky. (You can do the same with chemtrails.)
4.  Ask the sky what frequency of light it needs from you to return to balance, and imagine that you are pulling a beam of that exact color of light from the cosmos, down through the top of your head all the way to your stomach/solar plexus and from there, beam it back out into the sky.  Continue lasering that color until you feel a shift.

Please accept the challenge, tell us where you live and keep us posted as you see the results of your participation!

To become part of this challenge, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
& Create groups to join in the magic of the power of human consciousness!

Together we will bring blue skies to our World!

Global Blue Sky Challenge is a
Conscious Solutions Project sponsored by:
The Nizhoni Institute (a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation)

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Thank you for helping our World!