The Global Warming Initiative

Chris Griscom has issued a global call for all of humanity to join a Conscious Solutions Initiative for the care of our Planet’s atmosphere.

This Global Warming & Conscious Solutions project is an all-inclusive global focus to reverse and balance the “greenhouse effect” through de-manifestation.

Using our human potential and the power of our consciousness—applying a new, specifically designed Conscious Technology—we are altering matter to resolve our environmental crisis.

Groups and individual participants across the globe are being invited to collectively use this new conscious technology for de-manifesting atmospheric pollutants until there is a satisfactory shift.

We are all very important to the success of this global initiative and we deeply trust you will lend your intelligence and energy to make it a new marker in human potential, opening entirely new avenues of reality for all humans and our world. The possibilities and applications are without limit!

Feel free to pass this information to any groups or individuals who would also like to participate, or you may This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will contact them directly.

Global warming is a challenge to the consciousness of all humanity; not only as a technological or scientific dilemma, but also as a matter of planetary survival and being conscious of our human responsibility to life on earth. The solutions to Global Warming will be found not only in what we must stop doing, but what we must do on entirely new levels of consciousness. --Quote by Chris Griscom--

We send you our heartfelt invitation to be part of this worthy venture.

On behalf of our Dear Planet Earth, please add your name now to The Global Warming Initiative.

    Chris Griscom Global Initiative Activation Video              Chris Griscom Talks About Her Global Initiative


De-manifesting pollution as I do every day gives me a sense of
satisfaction, of positive reinforcement. It doesn't cost a penny
(U.S.)/farthing (UK) and is easily done. The rewards for doing so far
outweigh the efforts made.  W.S., Chicago, IL, USA


Global Warming Initiative

Sign-up now and join the Global Warming Initiative, an extension of the Human Potential and Global Responsibility Campaign. Thank you.

All email addresses and names will remain confidential.
Global Warming and Conscious Solutions is an extension of Chris Griscom’s Conscious Solutions Initiative, which includes the programs Human-Nature Alliance: Eco SOS and Global Echelon. The Conscious Solutions Initiative is sponsored by The Light Institute of Galisteo, New Mexico and The Nizhoni Institute for Global Consciousness, a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation.